Sunday, August 19, 2012

50 shades of...

Thank God my dear friend Kris reminded me that I was supposed to have usher duties at church today or else I would have ended up late to church again because of yesterday's late night yamcha session.

That aside, after church and acapella practice both Kris and Lucas had to crash at my place for a while until 9pm so that we can all go eat with pastor they all.

It wasn't Kris' first time in my room, but it was Lucas'. And so we (more like she) had to find ways and means to keep him entertained. Dahla he so diam, we also dunno what he thinking.
Ask him want to drink? He say don't want.
Ask him if he's shy, he say a bit.
This fella, if you want to strike a conversation with him you must ask him random stuff one lo.
Stuff like
Is she your type?
No ah? Then what is you type?
Why is she your type?

Anyway... while I was taking a bath, Kris decided to watch a movie on my laptop together with him.
in my room
on my bed.....
ok that's not important
what's important is that, the movie... i forgot what is it called.
Mission Muffin or something.
It's a family sitcom (according to Kris) about a guy who came back from the army to learn how to bake.
Is it?? Not sure...
But guess what, I still didn't know what's the whole point of the movie after joining them for about 20 minutes.
Walao, is like watching a show that records a normal family's daily routine lo
wake up, say good morning, come downstairs eat breakfast, go school, play sports, then go work.
Got no patience for this kind of movie.
Kris and I have so many things we disagree with; is what I discovered today.

Lucas was finally sick of the show and we took him out for dinner.
And then we went to MPH bookstore to pass time la.
and then I saw this book.
mega popular best seller
50 shades of grey.

don't pretend like you're not the least excited when you see the word "FOOD" k.

So I saw one sample at the shelf and I read it la.
the front part very boring, so I skip to the part where they're doing it.
walau eh, every single move they make is written in the pages with SO MUCH DETAIL
something most of us would call "too-much-information"

All the groaning and moaning la
sliding the sausage in and out of the doughnut la.
and the french fries taste like what la, the texture of the frenchfries once coated with mayonaise, is like what one la.
so much detail you can actually imagine them
enjoying so much pleasure
indulging in food.

I read three pages and I close the book la. It's not like I don't want to continue reading leh, I want! But then reading that book openly in front of everyone is like watching porn in public with a loudspeaker blasting the sound effects throughout the entire bookstore lo.
any avid reader would know what 50 shades of grey is about.

Ohhhh and of course I forced Lucas and Kris to come with me so that I could make them read the contents of the "cook book". But since Lucas (who doesn't have the slightest idea of what the book is about) said "wah so many words I don't wanna read"
I read it for him to hear.

Wahhhh he damn cute leh.
same age with me (20) some more say "YEEERRRRR YEEEEERRRR" when he heard those kind of things.
wwwaaaaahhh sooo cuteeee.
Guys pure like this are extinct!!!!
Kris also got "yer" la but nevermind, cos she's a girl.
I could imagine if I read it to my other guy friends, they wouldn't even bother to listen because they have watched the actual thing.

OH I'm NOT stereotyping.
Did you know that there was a researcher who wanted to carry out a social test on MALES WHO HAVE NOT WATCHED PORN but the test failed,
because they couldn't find any test subjects.

Kris suggested that I buy the cookbook and highlight the part where they actually start cooking.
Not a bad idea :P

And for those who don't know about this book,
it's a good read. The trilogy is a compilation of children bed time stories.

OHH yess I remember the name of the family sitcom.
it's Operation Cupcake...

And so, we finally got together with pastor they all to have dinner together. and after dinner, we had Tongsui.
I don't think I wanna blog about this.
Too many inside jokes.

And I said something silly just now in my friend's car.
I couldn't find my wallet in my large bag.
I asked her to call my wallet.
cuz that's how I find my phone.

ahhhh, I love everything about my life right now.
I don't think I will ask for anything more,
cos I believe God gives me what I can handle.
And of course, I don't wanna lose anything right now either.

I'm glad I only meet with my church friends twice a day,
anything more than that will definitely drive me to live a hedonistic lifestyle.
I already don't feel like doing any more assignments since its already week 13 (we have a total of 14 academic weeks per semester)

Good night.
-the end-

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