Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pink Ayam Panggang

Wah, delayed blogging for so so so many days. I'll just post whatever I remember la.

So there was this once I logged onto Facebook la. And then I saw many many emo status on my news feed. I thought it was because of Ghost Festival or whatever until I saw that all those emo status came from the same person. Really what the crap lo.

And the status really sound like he wanna commit suicide and stuff, saying that he's always forgotten and non-existent and all the bull la... AND THEN SOME MORE THE STATUS NOBODY LIKE ONE LO!
so I stalk his profile and see what happen why he so emo why he so depressed la.
but then got nothing lo. all he post is emo things. and then i think nobody wanna like his status also cos they sien already he everyday also like that (almost everyday also talk like that, but when i see his photo album, he very happy one)

Since I'm terrible and comforting people, I decided to ask a mutual friend of ours to talk to him because I assumed she's the type who understands people. Unfortunately, she's just like me... cannot tahan emo people. Oh well I'm definitely better off k, at least i care about the emo people. But not her, she just wanna slap them 567439475847594 times in the face. I think I have to share our conversation here. I'll just post whatever I remember. It's too funny!

Me : Ei, go and chat with *XXX la, he's like so emo leh.
Her: aduh i also sien u cannot ask me do this kind of things one i hate ppl like that
Me: walao i not hate la it just makes me wanna run
Her:   cannot stand one. long long once ok la, everyday tak tahan wei. Grrr, beh tahan betul, I'm not like *Prisha they all
Me: Yalo, only Prisha got this patience to tahan people like him. But I think if nothing is done, it will get worse lo.
Her: Huh? Even Prisha also cannot tahan XXX k. I dunno la, u see XXX every time post this kind of status, nobody like one.
Me: Got la, 1 or 2
Her: Not close one la.
Me: Oh... it must be so frequent, nobody dare to like
Her: Obviously lo everyday also like that.
Me: Not everyday la, but I don't understand why must everything broadcast on FB lo
Her: Eh, find one day we sit down and talk to him la.
Me: Cannot la, u wanna pressure him until he die meh
Her: Haha! then all our displeasure shown on our face! Eh let's comment something la.
Me: dont want la. ei this kind of depressed people, I think need some girl to fall in love with him to cure him lo.
Her: Yaya I was thinking the same, ask who to fall in love with him?
Me: You go confess to him la, you used to be classmates right?
Her: don't start this rumour man
Me: I support you!
Her: I will seriously be angry one
Me: you think of it this way la, u flatter him a bit, raise his self esteem, and save his life...
Her: later he know I pretend go and commit suicide how?
Me: oh true, THEN  HOW!?
Her : find one day we ask him go yam cha...
Me: wah I don't want leh
Her: then how
Me: he sure wont talk one...
Her: Then ask Prisha come out talk with him la
Me: Prisha say she try before but he just emo only lo

and so the conversation goes on and on for a whole hour, trying to suggest for better ways to cure his depression. But in the end we didn't do anything also. I think it's safer this way though... Both of us terrible at consulting people. One wrong word from the mouth he go jump from everest how?
wei, why my font different already one? deng, how to change back? 
I want to continue.
then few days later me, Tzehua and Rebs went to Leisure Mall to eat ayam panggang.
we keep ordering the ayam again and again, like 3 times. Mega addictive I tell you, it's like the best ayam panggang in Msia. And then so happened that this saturday Imma have BBQ pool party at my condo, so I thought of asking him for the recipe la.

U know behind McD there, is it got a lot of mamak stall one right, 
there's this malay stall selling ayam panggang. You can't miss it one.
all the ayam red red color, and the aroma is like sex to your nose. (lol what metaphor is this)

But then again, it might be their secret recipe for their successful business.
I think sell ayam panggang can earn RM50 an hour lo.
Rebs don't want to nurse already, she want to sell ayam panggang.
wah my font change back, i dunno what I did, but anyway...

Tzehua suggested a method to interview the malay boy for the recipe. it's supposed to sound something like this...

Tzehua : Encik, kami dari Jalan-jalan Cari Makan (a TV program)
Boy: Oh...
Tzehua : Tahniah kepada encik, anda dipilih untuk mewakili semua gerai ayam panggang di seluruh Msia
Boy : betul ka?
Tzehua : Jadi, kami perlu ambil resipi ayam panggang ini

ah, i forgot what else to blog already. sei lo... actually got many things to blog one lo.
whatever la, if I remember then I come back here again....

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