Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dream Wedding

Today is a Sunday so I went to church duh
after church we went to watch Pitch Perfect.
wah very funny. hahahahahaha. the fat amy. hahahahahaha
I shall not spoil the show for u all.
watch it yourselves, its worth it. 
I can say that so far, of all musical movies I've watched, Pitche Perfect is really the best la.
Ah, I know!! 
It's like the "Sound of Music" of this era.
and my favourite character is Fat Amy. I want her confidence.
I mean, I'm confident with myself but I really admire hers.
anyway, the main topic I want to blog about today is our discussion on our 'dream wedding'
I'll just blog whatever I remembered la.

Okay so it's like this. We were talking about the kind of guy and girl we (isaac, carol, jqing, harry, rebecca, wenyee and I) like as a husband or wife and then dunno how we sampai this topic. of dream wedding
oh ya i remember, its because we got so sick of talking about the guy I like (he's hot so we talk about him for an hour)

as usual, Jqing and Harry have no comments because they're the kind of husbands that will kena bully by their wives (haha jkjk, just pendiam) and Jqing said that he will just leave everything to his wife to decide.

Then Rebecca said that she would like her dream wedding to be on a... a... tall tall building where u can see all the lights in the city. Kind of like kissing on the top of Eiffel Tower.... like what me and Eric did until I got Harry as my accidental child hahahahahahah

And then stuff got more dreamy.... Wenyee said she wanted a beach wedding la. okay its a really great idea ... I think the Maldives would be a good place to get married. have u seen maldives?? wah, really leng man. more leng than your wife.

And then Carol also kind of wanted a safari beach like wedding but I dunno how she imagine until.... when she kiss, the volcano and the background will erupt and then everyone invited to the wedding will run away together, hand in hand, with a smile on their face.

I think my dream wedding is the most realistic one lo...
A safari wedding themed the "Garden of Eden"... and the dress code is "leaves"
can u imagine how much money I helped u guys to save on deciding what to wear on my wedding? 
and no need decoration. the trees and the butterflies and the birds and the monkeys and the lizards and snakes and the spiders and the centipedes and the scorpion and everything else are sufficient to beautify my dream wedding.
Isn't my dream wedding the most realistic and inexpensive one? and also the most fun. I mean, we all get to act like apes for a day jakooning around in leaves. 

then again, i did not specify what leaves u must wear. you can wear leaves of any sizes, nobody cares since we all have what you have. oh yes and for girls pls use coconut shell to cover milk udders. it's the most appropriate.

ahhh yess and everyone wears flowers on their head! cantik!!

Then I after that we proceeded to talk about our dream proposal.
I said I wanted my boyfriend to propose to me on Mount Kinabalu or Everest (yes we will climb together, not helicopter ok)

Then Harry suggested that he proposes while sky diving. or something like that la. i forgot.
i think its something like this: the guy pushed me down and then jump down together and take out the ring.
ohh nevermind, I forgot.

and then, this is a list of Reb's dream proposal (copy paste from FB)

1. propose with a song, "I know it's too mainstream, but yea, my heart will melt"
2. cook something for me and decorate the food with the proposal message, not necessary a ring la, be more creative
3. draw me something, if he is good in drawing and include the proposal message in it
4. bring me to the highest point of any building an propose me while all the neon lights are still on
5. when he sees the wedding gown shop, he will say something like, "I want to see you with that dress on" or anything that can make me get the message.

She's the romantic type.
and she's still single
and she works as a nurse
and she likes kids
and she has a caring heart
and she has nice legs

please add her on Facebook if you're lonely.

we talk about a lot of other stuff. its funny but all inside jokes so no point talking about it here.

and its a lot of guys and girls and all the boring stuff that u can watch in romance movies.

oh yea and then u know 
that new anime

with very very low self esteem
who is an idealist
and hopes for a boyfriend that doesn't exist

like, walau

that Tachibana Mei (main character, girl) can just run out in the middle of the date, into the pouring rain and expect her boyfriend to run around and look into every corner of the city, only to find her playing with a stray cat.

how sick is that.
I want to slap her.

and then she is like the mega emo type and always needs her boyfriend to tell her encouraging stuff and they somehow end up kissing

and then she gets jealous because her boyfriend is so hot girls keep staring at him
and then she tells him that she is too plain and doesn't suit him.


I think people like Tachibana Mei 
doesn't need a boyfriend.
she needs Jesus to give her strength and wisdom.

really man. can't tahan that anime. makes me angry
I dunno why I keep watching it. AAAHHH I ANGRY!!!!

Oh ya I realize i have this
3-minute-hotness (sam fan zhong yit dou)
for everything I'm doing.
now I even feel like quitting degree and opening a tuition center
im pretty sure that very much sooner,
I will want to set up a food stall in pasar malam or something.

omg u know, Pasar malam is a great idea.
let's quit degree and sell food at pasar malam.

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