Thursday, September 23, 2010


omgomg i so long didnt update i feel so sorry for my poor dusty *cough* blog
i just cant be consistent OKAY BLAME THE PENANG TRIP
got lots of stuff happened there but i wont blog about it, too many happening!!

the title of this post is bad hair day so obviously i will be ranting about this ugly haircut!!!
ok the last time i cut my hair was 2 months ago so today i thought i looked especially ugly
so i walked to the saloon nearby my house la, then i saw tak ada orang, good lo i dont need to wait so long

i sat down *durh* hahahhahaa

then i told the hairdresser this la
" wei auntie, last time u cut so short for me very nice leh, can really last for 2 months!! (i cut every month so this is like a big achievement)"
then she say " yea la last time so short... so what style u wan now"

then i took out my phone and show her this picture

i said this " i want my hair in front look like this girl, but the side burn and the back look like this guy (points below)

that's kangin from suju btw, leng right his hair?? i want la!!

so i told the hairdresser like this.
then she start to cut my fringe like the first picture, but not very straight,
so i ask her la she done with my fringe or not.
she say not yet, still need to cut a little bit,
then she cut cut cut....

then we chat la,
she say my features very suitable have short hair and this and that
then say i look like boy then ask me if i wear skirt
of cos i lie to her i say i wear la
then she start talking about all the style blablabla....

then she cut my sideburn,
first she cut until show the ear
my sideburn still long long like kang in's one...
then she see my hair from all the angle la,
then she cut... cut ... cut...

look so noob now.
then i also told her not to cut my hair at the back cos i wanna leave it long ma.
but now i really look so noob, so i ask her cut short or leave long nicer?
she say tomohawk
i was like..........
will look like boy a not
she was smiling and say
'yeaaa will really look like boy!!'

then she saw my *wtf* expression and figured that i didnt want to look so man
so she change her expression also and say it with more sympathy 'yea better dont la later really look like boy'

then i stare at the mirror la
dunno what look is this, like dog bite only
she saw my sad face, then she say
'dont cut tomohawk also look like boy d'
my face looked like this
that's when she decided to shut up

the only consolation is
but whennnn???
i have to go to uni with this noob yong.
i wont upload the xiasui picture

i walked home really slowly trying to think of what to tell my mom
i was imagining all the things she will say to me... her expression and everything.......
then i couldn't think of anything liao so i just went to the bathroom and shower
as if it will make any difference!!!

then i decided to tell my mom the truth la
so i told my mom all the things i blogged up there
then she looked at me
and said
'not as bad as you think, now the latest style is the hair look like dog bite (refering to lala's)"

dahla my cousin, mother, brother and best friend told me i'm becoming lala
now i will look even more lala (with the straight fringe and everythingggg)

shit lar
i wear tudung to school lah!!!

fifth post?
dunno didnt count

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